so. letter zine - what is this?

This is a passion project for like-minded letterers who want to grow & share our work. This is a free digital publication.

This Zine is a space for collaborators to practice & grow our own personal style, bring together & foster a strong, supportive community of letterers.

how does it work?

Our curator, Brittany Arita, has assembled a group of collaborators who create the beautiful lettering in each issue. A prompt and a color palette are chosen for each month and announced to the group. Collaborators are free to interpret the prompt however they see fit, limited only by a canvas size and color palette.

The result? See for yourself.

will you sell printed editions?

Yes, we are. Check out our etsy page for our first official printing.


If you're interested in becoming a collaborator, the best way is to email us a link to your lettering portfolio or send samples of your lettering to This is a very small operation, and space is limited - but we would love to see your work!

who are your collaborators?

Past & Current collaborators include:


Elisha-Rio Apilado

Brittany Arita (Curator)

Janna Barrett

Kaitlin Callender

Devon Clough

Bill Cunningham

Mat Dubord

Catherine Eager

Natalie Ferro

Jessica Fimbel Willis

Lauren Florence

Pamela Galante

Kristen Girard

Kate LaLime

Cassandra Lea-Saxton

Ayla Mirolo

Courtney Macca

April Moralba

Marisol Ortega

Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn

Jake Rainis

Alyssa Robinson

Kat Schober

Molly Taaffe